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Our Services

Integrated Solutions Development

Out of the box solutions might not capture your business’ full essence. Elevate your operations by adopting integrated, bespoke solutions tailored to your unique challenges.

AI System · Customised Software Development · Application Modernisation · Platform Development · RPA and more…

Artificial Intelligence

Embracing Al comes with its set of intricacies and obstacles. Navigate these challenges to tap into Al’s transformative potential, enhancing efficiency and scaling with ease.

Computer vision · NLP · Speech & Audio · AI on Edge · MLOps · Custom Model Development · AI Research · Synthetic Data and more…

Data & Analytics

Data and analytics are pivotal for informed decision and guiding growth. Delve into your data’s depth to discover insights that catalyse transformation and growth.

Data Fusion · Business Intelligence · Advanced Analytics · Data Visualisation · Data Engineering · Data Management and more…


In a world where stagnation means irrelevance, innovation is the engine that propels business forward. Let’s challenge conventions, redefine boundaries, and chart a course toward success.

Digital Transformation · Open Innovation · Technology Scouting · Proof of Concept · MVP Development Venture Launchpad and more…


Cloud technology is now fundamental to business success. Unlock unparallel potential and fuel exponential growth by integrating cloud solutions into your operations.

Cloud Transformation · Migration and Modernisation · Cloud Native Development · DevSecOps · Managed Service and more…

Your Digital Journey
With Knovel

We empower businesses to uncover their unique edge, fast track creation of innovative solution, and thrive in today’s dynamic digital landscape. Wherever you may be in your journey, we are here to elevate you.

01. Consult

Understand your unique needs, objectives and current technological landscape. Through active dialogue, we assess and document specific challenges and requirements, laying the foundation for solution ideation.

02. Ideate

With the insights gathered, our team explores potential technologies to design solution tailored to your specific needs. This phase emphasises creativity and collaboration, balancing innovation with practicality.

03. Transform

The solution is built iteratively, allowing for feedback and refinements to ensure alignment with your expectations and industry standards. The goal is to facilitate a seamless technological transformation for you.

04. Optimise

Post implementation will focus on refining and enhancing the delivered solution. We provide ongoing technical support, address potential issues and ensure that the solution remains robust and effective.

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