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Advancing the future with novel technology,
AI and IT solutions, and visionary teamwork.

Who We Are

Imagine a world that’s safer, smarter, and all around better. That’s what we’re doing at Knovel Engineering (read’ novel) – with a little help from technology and a lot of innovation.

Knovel Engineering is a tech consulting and solution provider embodying the spirit of innovation. At our core, our passion is to craft novel AI and technology solutions which shape tomorrow. We deploy cutting-edge technology that builds on cloud computing to proliferate AI, data and analytics solutions, tailored to drive innovation and transform businesses.

With a desire to push the boundaries of technology, we partner closely with our clients. Guiding their transformation with agility, we apply a structured technology transformation process attuned to each client’s unique challenges.

At Knovel Engineering, we blend technology with creativity to build unique solutions tailored for our customers.

This is how we keep novelty going.

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Our Purpose

To create lasting positive impact through the synergy of human ingenuity and innovative technology.

Our Beliefs

Our beliefs define the character of Knovel and lay the foundation for ethical business conduct.


Upholding honesty and taking responsibility for our actions to inspire trust.



Collaborating harmoniously and cohesively to achieve lasting postive impact.

Openness<br />


Fostering growth by embracing new ideas and exploring perspectives.

Our Business Approach

Knovel Engineering’s approach is centered around three pillars: Guided by Empathy, Committed to Customer Excellence, and Trusted as Reliable Partners. These principles shape our endeavours and fuel our commitment to delivering exceptional value and fostering long lasting relationships.

Guided by

True understanding begins with empathy. We embrace diverse perspectives and recognise nuances, helping our clients crystallise their needs into concrete, practical plans.

Committed to
Customer Excellence

Every interaction matters. We are committed to continuous innovation, refining our methods to bypass the noise and deliver precise, impactful solutions with consistent satisfaction.

Trusted as a
Reliable Partner

Trust is the foundation of enduring success. We honour our commitments and act with unwavering honesty and ethics, fostering open and collaborative partnerships to achieve shared goals.

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3 Irving Road, #05-08,
Tai Seng Centre, Singapore 369522

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