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Knovel Engineering specialises in bespoke AI-driven technology solutions tailored to your business needs.
Each is uniquely designed and curated to unlock your growth potential across all industries.

Recruitment Made Easy

Traditional recruitment processes are slow, cumbersome, manual and prone to bias. This makes it hard to identify top talent efficiently.

We have developed an efficient solution to boost your hiring process. This technology solution leverages AI-powered screening, interviews and evaluation to aid recruiters in hiring faster and smarter. It combines advanced natural language processing, real-time interaction and automated assessment to facilitate efficient, unbiased and comprehensive applicant evaluations.

Intelligent Interactive Chatbot

Traditional rule-based bots lack contextual savviness and deflect most conversations back to human agents. As a result, it increases the load of unresolved queries back to your human agents defeating the original objective of deploying a bot.

To overcome the dissatisfaction of using traditional bots, we have developed a large language model (LLM) based chatbot that empowers businesses to create sophisticated and efficient chatbots that allow seamless interaction with their proprietary data. Our solution offers a more advanced and dynamic approach to a natural, personalised and intelligent conversation with users that drives exceptional customer experience.

Powerful Graph Analytics

Traditional analytics try to make sense of data points individually or aggregately. It is complex, tedious to calculate and hard to comprehend.

We understand the importance of simplifying complexity, filtering out noise and drilling down to the key data. Hence, we have developed a powerful graph analytics that will empower businesses to extract valuable insights, patterns and relationships from complex datasets to help companies make informed decisions and optimise their business operations.

IoT Analytics

When the conventional method of data processing is employed, information is processed at a centralised server or data centre, which will need businesses to constantly upgrade, replace and improve their infrastructure (including hardware and software) to keep up with the massive demand for information. In order to process locally,  we have initiated a real-time processing and analysis of data generated by diverse sensors on the edge.

Our Edge Analytics solution delivers comprehensive data processing and real-time analytics capabilities, focusing on vision, speech, and other types of data obtained from a variety of sensors like cameras and microphones to empower businesses to pre-empt and make informed decisions.

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Knovel Engineering’s Four-Step Approach To Tech Consulting

Ready to embark on your digital transformation journey with Knovel Engineering’s comprehensive suite of IT solutions?

Here’s what we can do for you.

01. Consult

We start by carefully evaluating your business’ unique needs, considering the specific tech environment you operate in. This step guarantees that the technology solutions we devise are perfectly suited to your requirements.

02. Ideate

Next, we use insights from our initial consultation to brainstorm and design innovative yet practical IT solutions. We develop a technology roadmap that aligns with your needs, blending our expertise in AI, cloud, data or other tech fields.

03. Transform

We build your AI and IT solutions step by step, continually refining them based on your feedback. This ensures that your tech solutions integrate smoothly with operations and meet both business objectives and industry standards.

04. Optimise

Our support doesn’t end with implementation. We will work with you to continuously fine-tune and upgrade your IT solutions, providing proactive support to overcome challenges and to keep your business needs ahead of the curve.

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